EXbpa recommends to install .NET 2.0 update for 8+ processors.. can't find one

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I ran Best Practices analyzer, and the only critical error it gave me this error:

An update for .NET Framework 2.0 is available. This update fixes an issue which can cause performance problems with .NET applications when running on a computer with more than 8 processors. The currently installed version is '2.0.50727.4952'.

Problem is, I can't find 64 bit version of this update. Link provided takes me to

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/974065 which has no actual download link - says contact Microsoft.

I google the KB, and found a couple of places with downloads, but they all seem to be x86 versions. Anyone know if I should run the x86 version of this update (or maybe it's the only one available?), or there is x64 version somewhere?


AndyD_ [MVP]

Why not simply contact Microsoft for the correct hotfix?


I agree with Andy. The article says to contact MS for the hotfix. It is painless and free to request a hotfix from MS, just takes time. I would not suggest googling the internet for the 64-bit version. Get it directly from MS to be safe.


I can't figure out how to request it for free though... I went to link provided


and from there, it always gets me to the page with payment selection:

Select a payment method

Professional Support License/Contract Help

Professional (5-pack) and other contracts (Access ID required)

Software Assurance License: for servers only (Software Assurance Access ID required)

Don"t use a professional support license/contract (charges may apply)

Am I going to wrong place? When I try to login with "Professional", and try to login with my technet subscription user ID, it gives me error. Don't use professional option takes me to paid only options...</label>


Sigh... after a while got some customer service rep answer the call, got tons of info on what I need, said he is going to transfer me to "Professional Support", and after that, I hear "There was a problem transferring your call... Would you like to talk to Customer Service?"... Great... It's got to be easier than this.. just a simple .net hotfix!?
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