Unable to set Follow-up flag for self in new message

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I have a brand new computer, OEM install of Win 7 and Office 2007. In my work, I heavily rely on flags and remainders in Outlook.

As you know, Outlook 2007 lets you flag and attach a reminder to an email you are currently composing. To flag an email you are composing, you go to the Options section of the ribbon (on the Message tab).Click on the Follow Up button with the giant flag icon: the menu reveals a list of built-in time spans which will be used by the Outlook 2007 To-Do bar. By default, the email is flagged for yourself. You have a number of pre-set flags to choose from or you can customize one.

HOWEVER, when I click on the Follow up button, I only get one option "Flag for Recipients".

I have now spent over 20 hours trying to solve this. I uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2007, but with no success.

Two additional clues:

(1) It has always been like this since I bought the computer. So, it should be nothing that I added or changed. As I long time XP/Outlook 2003 user, I initially figured the problem was me just not knowing how, since there was alot of new stuff in the 2007 GUI.

(2) The feature does work, when I boot in Outlook /safe mode. So I disabled the very few add-ins that were present. Rebooted with great anticipation, but still no success.

Any ideas??
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