The item has not been received from the server

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I came here with a similar problem to this

My issue is whilst the solution above works, ie disable the download header function, I use a USB modem with a limited speed and download so need the funtionality of this feature, without having to download complete mail items.

When I mark the mail items to download they appear to have downloaded (ie the size 2mb etc is displyed to the right of the header, although they don't appear in the viewing pane neither will they open, and the error " Item has not been recieved from server" is displayed.

If I close outlook before attempting to open the item, the item will open normally with attachments/pictures etc. However, if I attemt to open them first, the error message is displayed, even if I select download item, it won't open correctly. If I restart outlook the item will open with text only ie. any pictures or attachments fail to display.

This started about 4 weeks ago when I started to use the uSB modem whilst away, from what I can gather. I'm currently using AVAST with an outlook add in which I have also disabled (no difference). I have also reistalled Office 2007.

Any assitance with this would be greatly appreciated,


Brian Tillman

Aftre marking the item for downloading, do you then perform a new send/receive?



Hi Brian,

yes. Once (for intent and purpose) it appears to have down loaded if I attempt then to open it BEFORE closing outlook it will open however without any attachments or pictures. If I close Outlook first, then the mail item will open correctly after reopening.

Brian Tillman

I can't think of anything in particular that would produce this behavior. Sorry. Perhaps someone else will have an idea.

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