Unable to 'Reply' or creat a 'New' e-mail using MS Outlook

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John Sea

I have only a few days ago transferred from 'Outlook Express' (OE) to 'Outlook', and now find that when I try to 'Reply' to an opened e-mail the 'egg-timer' simply sits there and nothing else happens. This also happens when I click on 'New' to create a fresh e-mail.

My 'Systems Info' say's it's 'Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600', if that's relevant?

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

John C.

Ripu Daman


Is the same issue happening when a new profile is created & trying to do the same things, if yes try to repair & check.

Ripu Daman Mina | MCSE 2003 & MCSA Messaging
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