I cannot receive or send e mails for microsoft outlook version 2003.

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I run outlook from my personal labtop that has windows vista, and i also run it from my work computer that runs an old version of windows. i have never had a problem receiving and sending e mails before - so i do not know why these error messages pop up, and the internet on both devices is working properly

The error messages look like this - unable to connect to the server account officemanager@rateintegration.com POP3 server error number 0x800ccc0e

or they say Task 'officemanager@rateintegration.com - receiveing' reported error (0x80042108): outlook is unable to connevt to your incoming pop3 e mail server

I do not understand why these pop up if the internet it working on these devices. It is crucial that i see my e mails, since they are work related. I think the issue might be with the server port numbers, i have changed them and even used the 'use defaults' option and still nothing works. Please Help!


Sachin Shetty

Which version of Outlook do you use?

Ensure the latest Service Pack is installed for the version of Office / Outlook installed on the computer. This issue may occur if the port number for the Outgoing mail is blocked. Enable Clean-boot and then try to perform send/receive in Outlook to verify if any Non-Microsoft service is causing the issue.

Note: enable Normal Start-up after troubleshooting.

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