Outlook Calender is locked

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I utilize Outlook Calender for very basic needs. All of the sudden it will not allow me to change, delete, or add appointments.

Brian Tillman

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State exactly what happens when you try, including the full, exact text of any error messages.

Ruchi Bisht

Try the below mentioned steps:

1. Open Outlook->file->Import and Export.

2. Select Export to a file->next.

3. Select Outlook data file (.PST) ->next

4. Select calendar->next.

5. Browse to desktop and save the calendar.

6. Click next->finish.

7. Remove all the calendar entries from Outlook.

8. Click on File ->Import and Export.

9. Import from another program or file-> next.

10. Select Outlook data file (.PST)->next.

11. Click browse and select the calendar from desktop.

12. Click next->finish.

13. Check if you are able to work with calendar entries.

If the above step does not resolve the issue scan the PST file and check if it helps.



Ruchi Bisht
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