Scanning business card information into Outlook Contacts

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I am trying to get rid of the stacks of business cards I have sitting around my house, so is it possible to scan a business card on a normal flatbed scanner and have Outlook detect it as a business card and harvest the relevant information (name, address, phone number, etc.)?

Otherwise, if I scanned in a document as a PDF for example (since Acrobat has OCR as well), is there a way to import the resulting PDF file similar to a vCard file and have Outlook get the relevant information?

If neither one of those works, how would I go about turning a PDF or jpg scan of a business card into vCard format?

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Roady [MVP]

There are special scanners and scanner software which can detect the information on business cards and create that into Outlook contacts.

If you can scan it to a document with text recognition (OCR) then you can use a tool such asContactGrabber to turn them into Outlook contacts.

Robert Sparnaaij

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