Virus Scan AOL Mail within Outlook

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If using Outlook to download and send AOL mail, do the IMAP messages and attachements get scanned real time as the POP3 msgs do? I am using Norton Internet Security 2010.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Yes, it should, and don't be surprised if that causes some problems for you. Antivirus scanning of inbound/outbound mail has been known, on occasion, to cause issues with duplicate or corrupted e-mail.

As long as you have a memory resident antivirus scanner, i.e. a program that sits in memory and looks for suspicious activity, which nearly all antivirus products are these days, you don't really NEED to have antivirus scanning at the e-mail client. Any thing naughty that you try to open in an e-mail message should get caught by the scanner at that time.


Thanks for the quick reply .... It's as I have always known but tend to question at times.
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