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Outlook 2007: Safe Senders Not Working



Outlook continues to put email in my Junk Mail folder that comes from addresses that I haveREPEATEDLY (as in dozens and dozens of times) added to my Safe Senders list (e.g. Junk Mail / Add sender to Safe Sender's list). This happens in particular with a Hotmail account that is set up in Outlook 2007 using Outlook Connector. I have the same HM account running in Outlook 2007 on four different PCs and I have the exact same problem on each one. Most of the emails this happens to are services or newsletters I subscribe to that are from legitimate companies such as ZDnet and even Windows Live Alerts (alerts@live.com). They're not spam or phishing emails.

I've seen other postings online about this same problem but can not find a fix. Any ideas?

I'm not sure the Junk E-mail filter works the way one might expect with the Outlook Connector because there are two junk mail filters involved, one on the server and one in Outlook. Telling the Outlook filter that a sender is safe won't change the server's junk filter. You're better off adding these people to the safe sender list in the Hotmail side of things.


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