Magnifying glass does not move when searching messages in Outlook 2010 and another related question

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Luigi Pietroni


My first question is about an annoying fact: Magnifying glass does not move when searching messages in Outlook 2010. This brings me to an " uncertain" state of mind as I don't know if the searching is over and the result set is reliable.

The second question is about searching itself: if you try to search for a word that is CONTAINED in another word, Outlook does not find it. For example, if you look for " babble" and there ARE messages with the word " psychobabble " , Outlook isn't able to find it. Instead, if the words are not together it words (" psycho babble" ).

I've tried to use different kinds of wildcards like *, % ... with no luck. I've tried also to disable windows search: nothing to do with it.

Thanks in advance,


Roady [MVP]

The animation not working is a bug. You can contact Microsoft Support in your region to register it. Doing so could increase its fixing priority and track the fixing status (also note that the " Stop" button doesn't get activated).

To search for partial words you can use the Advanced tab in Advanced Find and select the " contains" criteria.

See; Search partial string

Robert Sparnaaij


Luigi Pietroni

Hello and thanks.

I'll report it asap; but the contains clause does not work, try it for yourself with the example: find a partial string from a word, but NOT from the beggining of the word: try yourself to find " babble" in a message that contains " psychobabble" ... 8-D B-/ in outlook 2010

Roady [MVP]

Works for me here. I tried it with " unication" before posting and it successfully found all messages with " communications" in it.

Of course in your case you must set the field to " Message" instead of " Subject" as in the example ;-)

Robert Sparnaaij

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