Cannot save new Outlook 2007 message as a Word template to share Building Blocks/Quick Parts

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Paul Viterbi Tech

Hello TN! First time here.

I have a Outlook 2007 user that needed to share Building Blocks with her peers. I looked through this Microsoft article, Create reusable text blocks for e-mail messages, and in the section where it says to Save and distribute building blocks with a template (Step 4) it instructs to save a new mail message as a Word template, which is not possible in Outlook 2007 from what I've tried. You are only given the choices to save as .txt, .oft, .msg, .html, and .mht.

Is there a way to save new mail messages as Word templates? Or is there another way for the user to share Building Blocks/Quick Parts without dropping it into a template?

I've read another Microsoft article on sharing Building Blocks by adding a registry value SharedDocumentParts, but this only works in Word and not Outlook.

Thank you!

- Paul

Paul Viterbi Tech

Thanks, Harry,

I still have an issue with this because wouldn't the user still need to manually click-and-save each Quick Part in Outlook? In the meantime I just had the user save Quick Parts to an .OFT file and have recipients of the file open it and manually save each Quick Part to their gallery in Outlook. The desired solution would be a way to save Building Blocks to a " global" template in Outlook that is entirely separate from NormalEmail.dotm.