High Online RPC Operations - Query Rows

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Ranger 989

Very wierd issue I cannot get my arms around. Here is the background: Branch office running 2 Exchange 2010 SP1 servers (DAG, one for failover) with only about 7 users (online mode). The server is powerful, (Quad core Intel E5460, 2.67 GHz, 6GB RAM, SCSI Disks) and should have no problems supporting this load. I am looking in perfmon and see that " MSExchange Store Interface/RPC Latency average (msec) is at 400 MS+, this will eventually grow to over 1000+. I tried failing over to the passive node and the same behavior will happen. I ran the performance troublshooter and it says everythign is good server wise except for these alerts:

-MAPI Operation: QueryRows | High Online RPC operations - Online operations for MAPI operation " QueryRows" account for 61.5% of the processor usage devoted to processing RPC requests. The top 6 users account for 93% of the MAPI CPU usage on the server.

I ran ExMON and see that the load flips between all the users. The high % doesn't stay with the same users.

I have many 2010 rollouts with much heavier user count. I find this very odd, what should be my next steps? They use Blackberries and a few ipads. I have disabled 443 access on the firewall to kill mobile devices but that does nothing.

AndyD_ [MVP]

If you dont get a good answer anytime soon, I would recommend you open a case with Microsoft Support.


Check if users have many items in their mailboxes. I think performance will be bad if they have more than 100000 items in a folder. Also Are you referring to counter RPC Averaged Latency? In Exchange 2010 By default RPC and MAPI usage should be throttled by server unless you changed the default throttling policy.



Ranger 989

Thanks guys for responding. I checked the throttling policy and it is set to the default. I will have to check the items per folder. Sounds like I will have to talk to MS.

Khoj Sahiwala

Any update ?

I hope Av is not scanning DB , Also increase diagnostic logging will throw more events
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