Publishing exchange 2010 on the internet using Microsoft forefront

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My organisation has been running exchange 2010 since the begining of this year, there is also an edge server runing in the enviroment. We also have microsoft Forefront TMG deployed for managing internet access in the network. I have been given a task to :

1. Publish the Exchange server over the internet using the Forefront TMG so that users outside the network perimeter can have access to their mail boxes.

2. Restrict users that will be able to access their mailbox over the internet.

Please could anyone guide me through the process of achieving this.


Ed Crowley [MVP]

1. There are plenty of articles out on the Internet that will help you with this. Dr. Thomas Schinder has written a particularly detailed series on this topic. Articles written for ISA Server 2006 should apply just as well to TMG from my experience.

2. I haven't had to do this, but you should be able to accomplish it by changing the rights settings in TMG for access to the services.

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