get-mailbox returns different ServerName property for different users even though there is only one

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Hello - hopefully someone can help me understand this.

I recently upgraded from Exchange 2003 to 2010, and everything is great in the 2010 environment. The 2003 server has been completely removed. In 2010 we have two HT/CAS servers and two mailbox servers. We have 2 mailbox databases (MAILBOXDB1, and ARCHIVEDB1) in a DAG. One database contains all user mailboxes while the other just contains a journal recipient mailbox.

When I run the " get-mailbox" cmdlet, I see that the ServerName property is EXMAIL1 for most mailboxes, but it's EXMAIL2 for a number of the mailboxes, even though all the mailboxes are in the same mailbox database. I'm trying to understand what this means. Only one node of the DAG is currently active/mounted obviously, so why would the ServerName property not be the same for all users with mailboxes in the same database? What does the ServerName property even really mean?


AndyD_ [MVP]

I think you can ignore that. As far as I can tell, it refers to the server the mailbox database was on when the mailbox was created in that store.
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