Free/Busy calendar Not visable for some users

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We are in process of migrating our users from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 but have hit a number stumbling blocks along the way. Our first issue which is logged elsewhere is preventing us from completing the migration so for the time being we are stuck with user mailboxes split between the two exchange servers but that is not the issue I am inquiring about.

Users that are still on Exchange 2003 cannot see the Free/Busy schedule of users that have been migrated from e2k3 to e2k10. All other users whether they are existing e2k3 users or NEW e2k10 are unaffected and calendar scheduling appears fine. The email client seems to be irrelevant as the same thing happens in Entourage, Outlook, Apple Mail and OWA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Allen Song


Are the Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010 in the same organization? If they are, please understand that the LegacyExchangeDN of the user is not changed after migrating to Exchange 2010.

That means the free/busy of the migrated users will be published under EX:/o=First Organization/ou=First Exchange Administrative Group within the SCHEDULE+ FREE BUSY in the Exchange 2010.

Is that structure located there?


Allen Song


Hi Allen

Yes both servers are in the same organisation.

Since my post we have updated the server with Exchange Rollup 4 and this has fixed the issue for all but 14 of the migrated users.

I would not call myself Exchange savvy past the point of general administration so we eventually called Microsoft. After a lengthy investigation we seem to have found the problem. The HomeMTA attribute assigned to each user had not changed in the migration to point to the new Exchange 2010 server. Because of this whenever a look up for one of these users free/busy calendar was performed it was told to go to the wrong server and found no information.

That is the explanation Microsoft have given me but they cannot explain why it works for other users that also have the wrong homeMTA attribute. They are still formulating an answer.

Thanks for your response though Allen.


Jones Knowles Ritchie Ltd

Eric Stoddard

Thanks for letting us know your results. I just did a 2003 to 2010 SP1 (did not use 2010 RTM) and migrated mailboxes had their homeMTA changed to the 2010 server. So either either rollup 4, or later patches included in SP1, fixed that so it wouldn't happen. Just wanted to let you know from my recent experience.
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