Public folders cannot be accessible through OWA in Exchange 2010

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Hi All,

I have an issue with My public folders, it is working fine with Outlook Clients, But when i tried to login through OWA it is throwing error

" The Public folder you're Trying to access couldn't be found. If the problem continuous, contact your helpdesk and tell them the following, the public folder couldn't be found because there is no Exchange 2010 public folder server.

I have created public folder database already in Exchange 2010 and it is running fine for outlook clients. only OWA is not accessible.

Any help ?



AndyD_ [MVP]

Are there 2003 or 2007 public folders still around? You wont see pfs in 2010 OWA till the replica of that folder is on 2010.


Hi Andy,

Yes, we are still having 2003 public folders, but we have already added Replica of Exchange 2010. Do i need to any more settings ?


Please check if the default public folder database is set to exchange 2003 public folder database on the exchange 2010 mailbox database, which will appear the same error information

Please check if the public folder replication is working, compare the public folder instances between exchange 2003 and 2010

PublicFolderStatistics -Server “ServerName" | Fl

Please check if all the replicas of the public folder:

Get-PublicFolder -Recurse | Ft -Wrap Name,Replicas

Get-PublicFolder -Identity \NON_IPM_SUBTREE -Recurse | Ft -Wrap Name,Replicas

Please run ExBPA on the exchange servers for health check

James Luo

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