Outlook 2007 and mobile devices having trouble with Exchange 2007

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Just in the last few days the company mail server been causing a few problems:

- Inside the network, users running Outlook 2007 are prompted to enter a password to connect to the mail server, at random times throughout the day (or sometimes not at all), it just has a user and password box, and says "connect to mail.mynetwork.com", no save option or other details.

- Outside the network, employees with mobile devices have them disconnect from the mail server just as randomly throughout the day.

Exchange 2007 (08.02.0176.002) is running on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise SP2 (6.0.6002) and most of the Outlook clients are running on XP or Windows 7, but all experience the same problems.

I've Googled around a lot on this issue, and I know it's:

- _not_ an SSL problem

- _not_ a password problem

- _not_ a general network issue

I also went through the Event logs and did not find anything unusual.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Pano Boschung


Did you change somethin in the last few days?
Open Outlook and run "Test E-mail AutoConfiguration" and post the results.


Pano Boschung, PageUp AG


I was absolutely wrong in my original assessment, it was indeed the SSL certificate, it was being revoked by the certificate authority. I simply rekeyed it and set it up all over again, and then everything started working. It was cause for confusion because clients which had already accepted the certificate long ago, said it was fine and there was no problem, and there were no errors in the event logs.
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