How to restore the Master Category List in Outlook 2010 and Business Contact Manager 2010 on Windows

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Hollywood Dogmoon

I'm running Office Professional 2010 and Business Contact Manager 2010 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition.

Yesterday, I needed to re-nistall Office Professional 2010, because I was having problems with the configuration of my POP/SMTP and exchange e-mail accounts. After having spent a lot of time working with several Microsoft technicians over the last 6 weeks since my upgrade to 2010 from Office 2007 Ultimate. They finally got it right. I need to have my (work) POP/SMTP account be the " default send from e-mail" and my (personal) exchange account for accessing and storing my contacts.

I discovered last night that all my customized categories are not there. Argh... Read on...

The core of the problem was that a few weeks ago a Microsoft technician improperly created a new .pst for my POP account. Yesterday, another technician created a new .pst and then moved my folders from the old .pst to the new .pst; something I haven't seen done before, and completed the configuration. Please, note all my e-mail account settings remained the same.

However, I discovered last night that all my customized categories are not there. This message appeared alongside the customized categories when I first opened the categories; for example: Fashion Retailers (not in Master Category List). I was shocked!! I use the categories to perform advance filters on reports in Business Contact Manager

How do I restore the Master Category List?

I restored the database that I backed-up prior to re-installing Office Professional 2010; didn't work. Then I mported the back-ups of my .bcm and .bcmx files; didn't restore the categories. I researched within the Microsoft " Help" section I found that I might be able to restore them by running a command line switch; something I've never done. Can this be done? I don't want to make a mistake? I created a restore point before re-installing 2010 Professional. Will running a system restore prior to the re-install bring back my categories? However, that's the last thing I want to do because I don't want to sacrifice the work spent to finally getting my e-mail accounts to run smooth.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve my problem with restoring my Master Category List?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Ezil Vinoth

Follow the steps below:

1. Right click on the mail box in navigation pane

2. Click on Data File properties

3. Click on "Upgrade to color categories"> yes

4. Restart Outlook and check.

If the above does not help, try to open the old PST file and check for color category.

Michael Bauer [MVP]

Ezil's suggestion should bring you back those categories you had assigned to any items in that pst file.

If you had more categories in your masterlist than you had used in that pst file, or if you also want to restore the colors, please contact me via my website. The link's in my signature.

Michael Bauer

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