Odd IMAP Issue; New Mail Automatically Marked for Deletion

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Paul Newell

Hi All,

One of my users reported an odd issue this morning.
She's still on Outlook 2003 (we're hoping to upgrade to 2010 before the end of the year) and she has two mail accounts; one for my in-house Exchange 2003 server and one for her department's mandated hosted Exchange server (they must use IMAP if they connect through Outlook). The department she works in is affliated with a national stock-brockerage that requires them to do their business-related e-mail with them, hence the " Mandated" Exchange server.

She called me today and said that a new message she received was marked for deletion (line through it) before she could even read it; it was marked as soon as it came in to her Outlook's view.
First thing, I asked if she had any papers on her laptop's keyboard; no, she didn't. Next I looked at her " Rules" to see if she had anything set up that might be inadvertently marking the message as it arrived (because it may be " Moved" to a different folder); no, she had no rules set up at all.
The only odd thing about this message was that it had a subject, but not body; a completely blank message.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this one? I couldn't see anything odd in her Outlook or the OWA for either of her accounts.

Thanks in advance! :)

Sally Tang


If she goes to a web mail, are these emails there?

Also, one of the quirks of IMAP is that messages are neither deleted immediately when you press Del nor moved to a Trash folder but " marked for deletion" until you purge the folder. In the default view used by Outlook for IMAP accounts, this has the consequence that " deleted" messages are displayed grayed out and with a strike-through line.

Can you see the strike-through text?

If you are unable to see the strike-through text, try this:

· Select View | Current View | Hide Messages Marked for Deletion from the menu.

· In Outlook 2003, select View | Arrange By | Current View, make sure it is unchecked: Hide Messages Marked for Deletion.

&middot; Select View | Reading Pane | <desired setting> to re-enable the preview pane.

Sally Tang

Paul Newell

Hi Sally,

Thank you for the reply.

No, they are not visible anywhere in her OWA (Inbox, Deleted Items, and no " Custom" folders), and as I mentioned in my original post, the messages are indeed marked for deletion with the " Strike Through" (grayed with a line through the text).
The only oddity I noticed with the one message she told me about (although she said this wasn't the first time) was that it had no body; the message was blank.

Thanks again!

Sally Tang

Hi Paul,

Can she receive other message properly? if she can, try to help her scan her system for viruses to see if any viruses effected.

Sally Tang

Paul Newell

Hi Sally,

Yes, she can receive other messages properly, which is why this is so bizarre.

I hadn't considered it being a virus/malware issue, so I just ran a full scan on her system, but it came back clean (except for cookies).

Any other thoughts? I'm really scratching my head here...
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