Re: Outlook 2003 Error in Vista 64

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Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Did it ever work? If not have you tried reinstalling? If so can you do a System Restore back to the time that it did work?

You could also try opening one of the other Office apps (like Word) and going to Help | Detect and Repair.



It worked fine in my old computer when I was running Vista 32. I ordered my new computer with Vista 64 thinking I needed it for the additional RAM. I uninstalled Office on the old computer and donated it. When I reinstalled it on this new computer everything except Outlook works.

All the office programs function normally except Outlook. I had another error WAB32.dll is missing or corrupted but I corrected that through old threads that had you copy that in the Systems folder. Now I get the Mapi32dll instead and Outlook still will not open.
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