Remove message bodies from local IMAP folders but not from server

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I would like to remove message bodies from locally stored IMAP folders without removing the message headers. I want to keep the message bodies on the IMAP server (provided by my web host).


I recently installed Outlook 2007 and migrated my email from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. I had previously been in the process of moving all of my locally stored email files off of my computer onto my IMAP server in order to free up disk space. I had changed my folder synchronization settings from " Download All Messages" to " Download Message Headers Only." (My web host gives me unlimited storage space, and backs up all my files, so it seemed like a good idea to store my stuff there; my saved email is getting into the 2GB range.)

When I migrated, Outlook downloaded ALL the messages that were on the server instead of just message headers. (The migration wizard did not give me an option to change that setting before it began the migration.)

I believe that there is a setting in Newsgroups to remove message bodies, but there seems to be no such setting in Email (I never use newsgroups).

Is there an easy solution? I guess I could create new folders on the IMAP server and move email to those, but I was hoping for an automatic solution; I have a lot of folders and files.


Ruchi Bisht

If you have already set up the IMAP account AND moved all the mail items from Windows Live Mail to Outlook then later selected the option "Download Message Headers Only" it would have downloaded all items with message body during that process. However you may try to send a new test email and verify whether it downloads only the message header or not, for details visit the following link:

If the above step does not resolve the issue try to create a new Outlookprofile, set up the mail account and select the option to "Download Message Headers Only".

Ruchi Bisht


How do I verify if it downloaded only the header? As soon as I open the message, it loads. On a fast Internet connection, I assume it takes as much time (to the naked eye) as opening a message from the HD. (I read the article you pointed you, but it doesn't really address my issue.)


Ruchi Bisht

Once you select Download Message Headers Only, restart Outlook, do not open or select any of the messages.

Once the send / receive is completed, click on File > Work Offline, open any new email from Inbox and verify if it shows only the header or body of the message as well.

Note: disable Work Offline once the verification is done.

Ruchi Bisht
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