Outlook and Exchange 2010 slow performance

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I was using O2010 with Ex2003 and had no issues. When we changed over to Ex2010 we began to notice that Outlook was just slow. It would take up to 5-10 secs to change from one email to the next, you can it send and it would hang there for a few seconds and then go, etc. This did not happen with every email, but was consistent enough to cause several helpdesk submissions. Through all of this on some occasions you would get the message pop up that Outlook was trying to communicate with Exchange, again not every hang or slow send would trigger the communiate message.
Setup: all clients are Win7 Ent 32bit. Servers (DC's) are 2008. Exchange is split into CAS and Mailbox servers (we use ISA and that handles the Edge). These are both on Hyper V server that has 6 CPU's and 64 Gb of RAM. Also on that Hyper V server are 2 BES servers both using 2 Gb of ram. The mailbox server had 12Gb and CAS 8Gb. We have approximately 800 users on it. Hyper V server is backended by a Fibre channel SAN all hooked to a Gig switch.
If I look at the memory usage of the exch servers in the middle of the day they are both hovering in the 80%+ usage range. I have added more ram but have not had a normal day yet to see what difference that makes. Any other ideas as to why this is happening? Any more info needed just let me know and I will provide what I can.



This is a known issue with Outlook 2003 clients and Exchange 2010. In Exchange 2010, MS changed the way notifications sent to clients, so if you use Outlook 2003, you might have delays up to 60 seconds to see changes you made in your email folders (delete email, send etc). Check this article - you can change polling interval for old 2003 Outlook clients from default 60 seconds to 10 seconds. It will definitely improve the response time for those who still uses Outlook 2003:



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Further to this you could also use Cached mode -- But the bottom line is that Outlook 2003 "Does Not play nice with Exchange 2010" I tell my clients to upgrade to Outlook 2007 before performing their migrations.

Unfortunately there is not really a fix for this. You cannot go back to Exchange 2007 because you have already upgraded your Schema to 2010.

The fix above does make it better from 60 seconds to about 10 seconds -- But this never passes customer UAT and stalls projects.

The exact issue is that Outlook 2003 uses UDP notification in online mode to update views in the client. Exchange 2010 deprecated this and now uses a polling interval for these old Outlook clients (Defaulting to 60 Seconds) -- Can be tweaked with the above to 10 seconds. But it still sucks.

Tried to get a solid answer from Microsoft if they were planning on fixing in the near future and their answer was no for now.

Hope this helps.


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