OWA freezing after login, must hit F5 at least once to make interactable

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My organization is having a strange problem with the new " Outlook WebApp" I can't seem to find discussed anywhere else. When students log in, the inbox page appears normal but it acts like a static image. Nothing can be clicked. I believe in most cases links don't act as links, as in the cursor doesn't change to a pointing hand when hovering over them.

Other times, which I haven't caught on my own logins yet, people can only open the first email message and interact with it.

This has been known to occur in Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Google Chrome and Firefox (probably 3). We can find no way to reproduce the issue.

What we have found to fix the problem is either to hit F5 as many times as needed (usually once) or to set IE8 to Compatibility View Mode.

This is not a serious problem but we have hundreds of people regularly using the program.

Tom Vanopoulos

Are you running Exchange 2010 RTM or with SP1?

Using IE and when this occurs do you notice a script error occurring? Usually if one is occurring with IE it will show in the bottom left of the status bar.

Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and ensure that the option is unchecked 'Disable Script debugging' and try to repro the issue again.

If a scipt error is occurring, paste the details here.

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Gen Lin


If the problem happen on all clients, please try to create a OWA virtual directory.

1. Open exchange management shell, type:

Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory -identity " owa (default web site)"

2. Then create a new OWA:


3. Open Run, type iisreset to restart IIS related services.

If it is a Exchange 2003 server, please refer the following article to reset OWA virtual directory:




We are running Exchange 2010 RTM

I have not been able to produce a script error. On our IS computers the problem rarely shows up, but it did for a little while today. On one computer (windows 7/IE8)I opened a second tab to the OWA website - on the first tab it was frozen but on the second tab it worked fine so I tried a third and fourth and they were both frozen?

We have had some success with turning off protected mode or adding our site to trusted sites in IE8 windows 7 but there are inconsistencies in what will fix the problem. Some users are working fine and then for a day they are frozen. This happens internally and externaly through our Sonicwall UTM. Only about 5-10% of users have had this issue. Some users install Firefox and it works and some have problems in Firefox as well.
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