Outlook 2007 - Printing same barcode on all the emails though email contains different barcode

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I have three or four emails(HTML) with different barcodes in it. When i print all of them , it always pritns the first mail's barcode on all the prints. Barcode is embeded as inline in the email. This problem is only with Outlook 2007. When i print them form Outlook 2003 , it prints different barcodes for each mails.

Can somebody help me on this?.

Surya Prasad Vemulapalli

Which process did you follow to embed the barcodes into emails?

If using an Outlook add-in to insert it, ensure the add-in is compatible with Outlook 2007.


I receive these mails from a web application (J2EE based application). This Application uses JavaMailSender to send the mails.

Barcodes will be embded in the mail body (code used for this is given below).

I am not understanding why this is not working only in Outlook 2007. It works fine in Outllook 2003 and even with webmail.

// Java code to insert in-line images

String barcodeimg = readBarcodeFileToTempDir((String)barcode);

messageBodyPart =

new MimeBodyPart();

fds =

new FileDataSource(barcodeimg);


new DataHandler(fds));


" Content-ID" ," <BarcodeInline>" );

// add it

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