Exchange 2007 SP1 - VIP User Quota issues (urgent help required)

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Zahir Hussain Shah


My Database for VIP users is having the below Limits:
Issue warning at (kb): 950000
Prohibit send at (kb): 1000000
Prohibit send and receive at (kb): 1000000

[PS] C:\Documents and Settings\009944>Get-Mailbox ealmansoori | fl *Quota

ProhibitSendQuota : unlimited

ProhibitSendReceiveQuota : unlimited

IssueWarningQuota : unlimited

RulesQuota : 64KB

Question: We can see the changes in Exchange Management shell, by running the above command, the the problem we are facing is that these changes are not affecting on the user level, means users are still complaining that when anyone is sending them an email, so it is getting bounced back.

I red on the documentation that the only solution is to restart the Exchange Information Store Service, or wait for two hours to take the changes being affective on user level, but we have SINGLE EXCHANGE 2007 SP1 SERVER, AND DUE TO THIS WE CAN NOT TAKE RISK FOR RESTARTING SERVICE.



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Gulab Mallah

Well unfortunatley there is no other way, as far as i know you will have to restart the Information Store service.



Hi Zahir,

If users are running Outlook with Cached mode, there is little influence to restart the Information Store service.

What's the "UseDatabaseQuotaDefault" of the user's mailbox? Is it True ?

You can run the cmdlet Get-Mailbox ealmansoori | fl *Quota*

Frank Wang
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