Problem using multiple devices and synching the inbox on Miscrosoft MS Outlook 2010

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I have a problem with inbox synchronization.

I have a desktop and laptop that that I both use to access my email via Microsoft Outlook 2010. Every time I open 1 device's Outlook to receive emails and close it when I'm done, I expect the updated inbox to reflect when I open my Outlook on the other device - but no, it only shows the inbox from the last time I used that specific device.

For example, if I delete an email from my laptop's Outlook, it still shows up on my desktop's Outlook when I open and update it. Or i'll put a red flag on an email that needs attention on my desktop Outlook; and when I turn on my laptop Outlook, it doesn't show a flag at all.

Anybody that can help?

Brian Tillman

Senior Member
Whether or not you can get Outlook on one PC to know what happens in Outlook on the other PC is completely controlled by the account type you use. For actions like deleting or moving a message, Outlook Hotmail Connector, Exchange, and IMAP accounts all allow one Outlook to know what happens on the other Outlook, but it is impossible for that to happen with POP accounts. Exchange accounts (and possibly Outlook Connector accounts, but I can't test right now) will also maintain attributes like flags between Outlook instances, but I don't believe IMAP stores flag information on the server.
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