transfering messages from Outlook Express to Outlook and export to a Vista machine.

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I'm trying to help,a friend get her data and email transferred from an XP machine with sp3. The first thing I'm attempting is to export Outlook Express messages to a Vista machine with Windows Live Mail. I tried saving the messages as a .PST file but Vista wouldn't accept it. I went back to the XP machine and tried to save the messages as a .csv file and I wasn't having any luck with that either. The XP machine also had Outlook 2000 on it so I tried to put the data on Outlook and wanted to export the messages from there. Doing that made Outlook the default email client and exporting the messages as a .csv file seemed to loose data (pictures ). As you can tell I'm not really skilled at this and seeing the results just confuses me. I'm afraid that the messages (pictures) will not be accessable if I ever get them on the Vista machine. My friend wants to be able to use the desktop (XP) and the Laptop (Vista) as needed so she can use either one. I feel that she really needs a Webmail client she can access through the internet and it won't matter which machine she uses, she won't have to sync anything. My friend knows of my issue with exporting the messages and said "Oh well I'll just use the desktop in Outlook Express like I always did before." I don't know if or how to restore the Outlook Express. Please give me some advice on how to do what I need to do.


One more thing, My friend is about 80 yrs old, and doesn't want to have to learn new tricks.

Ganesh Kumar N

Windows Vista includes Windows Mail; therefore Windows Live Mail usage is not required.

Try the following:

· Copy the Outlook Express store directory from the Windows XP computer to Windows Vista computer

· Import all messages from Outlook Express store directory to Windows Mail

Visit the following link for help:

· Once all messages are restored in Windows Mail, export them to Outlook, if required using the steps given in the link below:

Ganesh Kumar N
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