outlook 2010 deleting email dissapears and does not appear in deleted files folder

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when deleting email they do not appear in the deleted email folder they just dissapear permently. where have i gone wrong?

Vinay - G

Try the cleanviews switch in outlook:

· Click on start->run

· Type outlook /cleanviews (Note the space between outlook and "/")

Are you sure you are hitting only the delete key , coz if you click on SHIFT+DEL then the email is permanently deleted and will not move to deleted items.

Also check if your deleted items folder contains a lot of emails. Cleanup the deleted items folder and have only a few emails making some space.

Try creating a new profile and check if the deleted emails go to deleted items folder. If that works then you can open your previous personal folder by clicking on file->open->outlook data file->Click on the PST file and click open.


I am having same problem with deleted X emails but mine are showing up in Trash - how do I change setting to put them in Deleted?
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