Hotmail Connector Problem - "The Network Connection has been interrupted"

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Todd Oberman

I use 5 different Hotmail & Live based mailboxes with Outlook 2010 64-bit. The Hotmail Connector 64-bit has worked perfectly up until today. I recently upgraded it when asked. Today I am consistently getting the following error with all of those accounts:

Task '###' reported error (0x8004100B): 'The network connection was interrupted. Please try again later.'

Yesterday I installed the patches pushed this month by Microsoft for Windows, Office and Security Essientials client. I suspect there is an interaction with one of those patches.

In attempting to fix this, I have run the Hotmail Connector 64-bit installation and tried the " Repair." Did not fix problem. I have uninstalled and re-installed the Hotmail Connector. Did not fix the problem.

Is anyone else seeing this problem? A search of the net shows others have seen this problem before, but I am yet to find anything guiding to a resolution.

Brian Tillman

Restore to your system restore point from just before the updates were installed. Does Outlook work then?


Todd Oberman

A reboot at the end of the day has made the original error go away. Hotmail appears to be synching, but there are some odd error messages too: " Error with Send/Receive" and " Please make sure your account is configured correctly by first accessing you account on the web. Error: 4203"

Mail is arriving from all my accounts. This error is only with one of the accounts.


Todd Oberman

Natasha and Niranjan,

This KB is not the answer to Error 4203; the resolution suggested does not fix the problem. I removed all entries on both Hotmail on the web and in Outlook for safe and blocked senders. Having been on Hotmail since the '90's there were quite a few old uneeded ones. Error 4203 still occurs in every synchronization. I am just living with this problem as it does not block my e-mail usage. It's noise I wish were not there.

If you have to mark this for your metrics, just mark this one as abandoned, unless someone can come up with a real answer to remove error 4203.

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