Sending an email from a website??

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I recently switched to Office 2010 and I am having problems sending an email from websites that have email links. The error message that I am getting states that another version of Outlook is in use and this is the only version I have. Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

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Check if you have set outlook as the default email client:

Click on internet explorer->tools->internet options->programs->set Programs->Set default programs->Click on outlook and set it as default program.

Click on start->Default programs->Set program access and defaults->Select outlook under email programs.


I'm not sure. I just installed the program after having my system re-imaged. Outlook 2007 worked fine, but 2010 is giving me this message. I tried to change the default setting as well and still get the same error message. The site I am going to is:

And when I click on the envelop, the message comes up and I cannot send the email. Please help!! :)



Tried this and still getting the message. I am wide open to any other suggestions. Do I need to re-install?

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Go to File, Help - what does it say on the right side of the screen? If you have click to run, you need to uninstall it and reinstall it using the MSI.



It doesn't say click to run anywhere on the help screen. Not sure if I am looking at the right place or not, but I didn't see anything that said that.


And Diane, if I have Outlook open, it give me another message that says " Another version of Outlook is currently running. Please close and try again." When I close it, it tells me it cannot start outlook again. Not sure what to do here. 2007 worked great and when I upgraded, I started getting this message.
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