How do you change the e-mail that you send from in Business Contact Manager?

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I am trying to set up Outlook 2010 Business Contact Manager and I can not figure out how to change what e-mail account it sends e-mails from. It is using my personal e-mail and I want it to use my business e-mail. My personal is the default so I may have to change by business to the default e-mail. It just seems that I should be able to send froma whatever e-mail I have set up. Thank you for your help.

Ezil Vinoth

To change the default email address to your business email address, follow the steps below.

1. Open Outlook

2. Click on File> Account Settings tab> Account settings…

3. Select the Business Account, click on "Set as default"

4. Close the window and restart Outlook.

To send emails using specific account, you can change the email address while sending the email. When you open a new email, you will have a drop down beside "From" tab and when you click on it you will see all the email accounts you have configured. You can select the email address using which you want to send the email.


The only problem with this solution is that my calendars and tasks are tied to my personal e-mail. If I change the default, send the e-mails, and then change it back will everthing be back the to the way it is now. The warning I get when I change my default e-mail about calendars, etc. concerns me. I use calendar sync's etc. now and I don't want to screw that up. It seems that Business Contact Manager should be able to send e-mails from whatever account I chose. Like you describe at the end of your response. But when sending a mass e-mail, it does not give you the choice.

If I change it and then change it back, will everything be back to normal?

Ezil Vinoth

What type of account is your personal email address and Business email address (POP or IMAP or Exchange)?

If your Business and personal email address are both POP accounts, then there will be no issues in you changing the default email address, calendar will remain the same.

If both accounts are different email accounts then there will be different storage location for each email address.


I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I changed the default e-mail and it does not change what e-mail it defaults to in either Outlook or BCM. Are you sure I do not need to change the default PST also? I tried closing and re-opening Outlook twice both times it still shows that my change took, i.e., the business e-mail is still the default. Both my accounts are POP. I run Outlook 2010.

I am considering deleting my personal e-mail configuration but that seems rather drastic. I wonder if when I set up BCM I had my personal account as the default e-mail so it has that information embedded in the setup. I wish I could just change it there but I can not find any documentation to find where to change the settings.

Any ideas?


Don't ask me why but when I changed the default e-mail to my business account and then changed my default receiving account to my personal account on the same page, it worked. The process changed my rules as far as what accounts incoming e-mails are sent to and I have been fixing that but otherwise it seems to work.

I don't know if you have any pull with Microsoft but you may want to have them look into the problem. Thanks for your help.
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