How can I modify an email address when I reply to it? [Outlook 2003]

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We are using an email to SMS service that allows us to send an SMS to a mobile phone number when concatenated with a certain string. We get the replies to these messages via email, but the replies come in a different format (i.e. they don't have the same sending string as the original message). Is there a way I can set up a macro that will remove the reply address, take the display name (this is the mobile phone number) and concatenate a string onto the end of it?

Thanks in advance.

Jennifer Zhan


Try this VB script:

Dim OApp As New Outlook.Application
Dim Mymail As Outlook.MailItem
Const olmailitem = 0
Set Mymail = OApp.CreateItem(olmailitem)
Mymail.To = txtEmailTo
Mymail.BCC = txtEmailBccTo
Mymail.Subject = txtSubject
If Myformat = 1 Then
Mymail.HTMLBody = txtTextBody ' send as HTML
Mymail.Body = txtTextBody ' send as TEXT
End If
' .ReplyRecipients is reported as being readonly! This is an error you can write to it
Mymail.ReplyRecipients.Add txtEmailFrom
Set OApp = Nothing
Set Mymail = Nothing
Hope this helps!
BTW This will only change the reply email address not who it was sent from.


Many thanks, Jennifer - I'm on the road for a couple of days and will try it out and report the outcome when I get back.


Sorry - I'm not sure I explained myself well enough, or I'm not understanding how the code above is supposed to work. I'll have another try.

I send an email with the following format (all phone numbers and email addresses will be fake):

This sends the text in the subject of the email to the phone number 0400123456 as an SMS message.

Then, if the person responds to the SMS, I get the message in my email. The from address will be - it will be missing the .p+sometext element that is required to send the email to the phone as an SMS. Therefore, if I reply to the response, it won't be sent to the phone. I'm looking for a way to put back the .p+sometext so that I can reply to a reply without manually altering the email address.

Does the code above do that? I couldn't get it to work when I tried it.

Thanks in advance.
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