Questions about product keys for Office 2010 Beta

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MFH lady

I have been using the beta version for about a year and now need to buy the product key. I go online and there are a lot of product keys out there and some even free. I am very confused about what to buy and where & if I can use it on all three of my computers. Or can I even use a purchased product key on my beta version or do I need to purchase the whole Office 2010 Professional for Home ande Office. A lot of these sites seem like a scam. Can anyone direct me to someone I can ask these questions without having to pay 49.00 for just asking? Thanks so much for any suggestions.


If you are finding free product keys on the internet, then it is either a scam or illegal activity. Also, you cannot upgrade your beta version to a full version. You will need to completely uninstall the Beta version of Office. You will need to go buy Office from a store or valid on-line retailer. Then you will be able to install successfully on your computer.


I have seen some licenses for single installation and some for multiple installations. Depends on what you buy
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