Business Application for Master Category List in 2010 Outlook's Business Contact Manager

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Nancy, Administrative Assistant

My office had a networked Business Contact Manager in a previous version of Outlook. Now with Outlook 2010, I cannot access the Master Category List. Any Category additions go on my computer only, and do not show up on anyone else's computer in our office.

Teresa Walker

Hi Nancy,

That is the expected behavior. You can add the Category to the list but it is just your Master Category List. When the other users open an item that has a Category they can go to the Categories list and they will see it listed but it will be appended with (not in Master Category List).

If they wish to add that category to their Master Category List they can do the following:
Highlight the Category and then click on New. At that point it will bring up the Category name of the item they have highlighted and they can choose their color and any Shortcut Key they choose. Clicking OK here adds this category to their Master Category List.

Regards, Teresa Microsoft Online Community Support
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