OL2010: Get a duplicate when I "Skip Occurrence" on a recurring task with a restricted range

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Tad W

Watch this screencast to see a demonstration of this problem: http://screencast.com/t/JLJGGduEd2
In Outlook 2010, when I create a recurring task that has a restricted range of recurrence, i.e. I set it to " End after" x occurrences, then select " Skip Occurrence," the task appears twice on the next date of recurrence. And, these two tasks are identical except that one has recurrence set on it whereas the other does not.
I've tried a number of different things to resolve this issue:
- Creating a new profile
- Using a new .pst file
- Both creating a new profile and using a new .pst file
- Running Outlook in safe mode
- Running Outlook with the /resettodobar switch
But nothing has worked so far. Also, this happens regardless of whether there are categories set on the task, and I'm able to reproduce this on two machines.
I used to see this with OL2007 on occasion, but it happens now with OL2010 every time I do this. The easy workaround is to not use a restricted range, and instead remember how many times a task needs to reoccur, but it would be nice if it worked correctly.
Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated – thanks!

Black Barron

I tested the same on my computer and seems like it will behave the same manner. The task will duplicate coz you have asked for a recurrrence, when you remove the recurrence, then the task will stop repeating. If the task does not repeat, you will not know on which day you have not compeleted the task and on those you have completed. How this solves your query !! BLACK BARRONP.S : Please post back with the status of the issue. If this post was helpful to you, please vote for my post If this post has helped you resolve your issue, please mark my post as answered.

Tad W

Thanks for the reply, but the issue is that, in this case, on the next date of occurrence two instances of the task appear, when I would expect there to be only one. And, if I create a recurring task that has " No end date" in Range of recurrence, that is how it works: i.e. when I click " Skip Occurrence," only one instance of the task appears on the next date of occurrence.

Cherry Canaday

Hi Tad,

Thanks for taking the time to create the video. I was able to repro this problem in both Outlook 2007 and 2010. On further investigation, I found that this behavior is the unfortunate side-effect of another fix we made in Outlook 2007 to address a problem where the Task recurrence count did not always decrement properly. In short, this behavior (creation of the extra, non-recurring instance) is a bug.

Cherry Canaday
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