Problem with recipients of my emails to reply back to me

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Please forgive me for not being very techy savvy. I know enough to be dangerous. I am the Executive Director of a small start up nonprofit. The problem I am having that nobody from Comcast of Godaddy seems to be able to help with is about 1 out of every 20 people that I send emails to from my or get a error message when they try to reply to me. It is very frustrating to me because it has been going on so long, also because I never know who does and doesn't have the problem. Sometimes people dont even get error messages, they just reply to me and it does not come through to me. The only thing I have found somewhat consistent about it is I believe it happens only when people are using Outlook. I don't use Outlook, I am using the Comcast SmartZone. Unfortunately this is having a very negative impact on my effectiveness as the leader of a startup business. Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance.


Harry Yuan


Still not quite sure why, but my usual response,

is to change the server referenced in the Delivery Manager (Email Config Org / Inbound / Delivery Manager)

to use the IP address instead of the server name.

If the server name is there, click edit and replace it (carefully) with the IP address of the server.

Try the tests again, and let me know if that makes a difference.

Hope helps.


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