Font size appears reduced by one point while composing an email

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Ranjit Iyer


I've configured my Font to be type Calibri with a size of 11 for composing and replying to emails. However, when I click 'New E-mail' and open the compose window, the font size appears reduced by one point while I am typing. This is only a problem when the email is being composed. The email ultimately gets sent out with the correct font size. What could be going wrong here? What should I do in order to see the correct font size while composing the email?



Jennifer Zhan


Try to check your zoom settings. This issue may be caused by wrong zoom factor.

You can adjust the zoom view in Microsoft Office Outlook in two ways — by using your mouse wheel button, or from within Outlook itself.
Use a mouse wheel button to change the zoom

If you have a pointing device, such as the Microsoft IntelliMouse pointing device, that has a wheel button, you can use the wheel button to zoom in on, or out of, the body of a message.
Click the message body. Press or hold CTRL while you rotate the wheel button to zoom in or out. Use the Ribbon controls to change the zoom

The zoom level of the message view can be changed in the Ribbon, which is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface.
Click the message body. On the Format tab, in the Zoom group, click Zoom. In the Zoom dialog box, under Zoom to, click 100% for the default size, or use the other options to specify a custom zoom size.

Note When the zoom view is changed, the setting is persistent on all future messages you compose, reply to, or forward.

Hope that helps.

Ranjit Iyer

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your response. It helped resolve the issue.

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