Calendar Delegate Can't See Attendees On Scheduling Tab.

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I have a admin assistant who is a delegate of her supervisors calendar. When she opens his meeting requests lately, she is unable to view " All Attendees" from the Scheduling Tab. The only people listed are the meeting organizer. The calendar owners is not a BlackBerry user. The only change we made recently is that we started using Outlook Cached Mode. I've removed her from Outlook Cached mode but the problem persists.

Abdias Ruiz

Although it seems you indicate the attendees as a whole are missing, there is one known issue with free/busy information missing only (see
If the attendees as a whole are indeed missing, please check to see if either the delegate or the manager are using an iPhone or iPad to synchronize their mailbox calendars. There may be updates to either iTunes or iOS that address the issue if that is the case.

If neither apply, then please advise if the manager (supervisor) is able to see the attendees. Does it matter if the supervisor is the organizer or an attendee? And, is this happening only with new meetings and older ones are okay, or vice versa?

Thank you,

Abdias Ruiz [MSFT]



I have a similar problem as well except its reversed. The exec admin is able to see all attendees fine but the VP can't see any attendees except the organizer. It doesn't happen every time and I can't seem to find a pattern. Some meetings with this issues are organized by the delegate(exec admin) and some are from other people from inside or outside of the organization.

The VP does have ipad and iphone. Is this a known issue with these devices?

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