Old personal PST calendar: want to sync it to outlook.com business email so it syncs to my mobile easily.

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I've been using the same Outlook PST since Outlook 2003. I'm now using Outlook 2010. While I quit using POP3 email, I have to keep my Outlook PST available to access my calendar.

I'd like to link my Calendar to my university Outlook.com account. This will allow for nearly instant changes going to my phone without plugging it in. (Using Win Mob 6.5)

How would I link my old school Calendar into Outlook.com so changes on either locations will be available on the Outlook.com-hosted calendar, which can sync to my phione using Exchange?



The link posted goes to a blank page for the most part. All it says is "You can merge two folders by dragging the items from one folder to the other." but does not deal with linking the two together or transferring the content into it.
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