Missing/Deleted Calendar Appointments

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We are using Office Small Business 2007 and Outlook calendar appointments are disappearing. We can create a new calendar appointment and send an invitation. The appointment appears on the calendar and you can literally watch the appointment disappear. The invitation still appears in the "sent box" of Outlook, but is no longer on the calendar. Thus, reminders and the actual appointment are gone. Reply invitations and acceptance of the appointments are received, but never recorded as the original appointment is gone.....

Running OS Windows Vista Premium SP 2 Build 6002

Ripu Daman


Is the same thing is happening with OWA or not, try closing outlook & then check. If same thing is not happening for OWA then it a outlook client related issue & try creating a new outlook profile & check, do le us know in case same issue is happening in OWA.

Ripu Daman Mina | MCSE 2003 & MCSA Messaging

Novak Wu


Does the issue occur on certain user mailbox or each user mailbox? Does the Calendar appointment display in OWA as Ripu mentioned? Which version of Exchange server is installed?

To troubleshoot the issue, I suggest you perform the following steps.

1. Run Outlook /cleanfreebusy

2. Install the latest updates for Office 2007.

3. Clear Calendar Offline Cache.

a. Right-click the Calendar folder and click Properties.

b. On the General tab click Clear Offline Items.

c. Click OK when advised the data was removed from the offline store.

d. Click OK to close the Calendar Properties dialog box.

e. Press Shift + F9 (to sync the Calendar folder).


Novak Wu
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