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Microsoft Outlook 2010 Contact Phone Number Region/Country



One of our users, specifically our COO is encountering a problem with Outlook 2010's contact.

Whenever he tries to select the Country or Region for a phone number in his contacts, it does not appear. Here is the scenario:

When he clicks on the phone number, the Check Phone number box would appear. The country/region does not have a country selected. He will select the country Singapore and the number would not have +65 but instead would only have 65. This happen occurs that it the information gets pushed to our blackberry and changes the details of the contacts.

When I tried to use my outlook to simulate this scenario. I have noticed that there is a default country already selected in the dropdown list.

What is causing this concern?

Thanks and ,



Thanks Diane,

I am trying to look at this issue as well. I haven't check this setting yet and will look at it when my boss will have spare time for me to check. This problem seems to be coming from Outlook since this also happens into Iphone and not just in Blackberry.



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