Error message received saying mailbox has exceeded size limit on Windows Vista

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How do I archive my mail to free up more space, there is nothing in the Help guide to explain how to do this.

Kathleen Orland [MVP]

There is no limit in Outlook unless you are using an old PST from Outlook 2002 or older, or you have an Exchange mailbox.

If you have an Exchange mailbox, simply click on New > Outlook data file. Create one and move your excess mail to it. Exchange mailboxes often have a mailbox cap.

If this is the case, you must note that once you move your mail from your Exchange mailbox, where it's backed up every day, to an Outlook data file (personal folders AKA pst file) it's no longer backed up by the company/school and is no longer recoverable. You have to make your own backup to cover yourself in case of computer crash and/or data loss.
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