I receive the following error when I am sending messages 'your imap server wants to alert you that it can not read attachement 185' the atta

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I receive the following error when I am sending messages "your imap server wants to alert you that it can not read attachement 185" the attachement # chnages but the rest of the error remains constant. I just upgraded to 2010 Office Prof. Plus and had been using OUTLOOK express flawlessly for several years. Outlook is attached to my aol email via IMAP.

Brian Tillman

Any particular reason why you abandoned Outlook Express (which has no relationship to Outlook except for the word "Outlook") if you were pleased with it?

The error appears to be a server-side error, but I'd try creating a new mail profile and adding the IMAP account to it to see if that changes things.


Thank you for your reply! When I installed OFFICE 2010 Pro. Plus, Outlook just took over my old outlook expresses settings and populated its existance.

Roady [MVP]

But it will not prevent you from continue to use Outlook Express ;-)
You can start Outlook Express and set it as your default e-mail application again; all your emails will still be there.

If you want to continue with Outlook from now on and want to solve the issue, I'd start with a new mail profile just as Brian Tillman suggested. The account import process of Outlook isn't always reliable.

To recreate your mail profile, use the Mail applet in Control Panel.
For more details see; http://www.howto-outlook.com/faq/newprofile.htm

Ruchi Bisht

In addition to Brian steps login to your web mail and check if you are able to send emails.If you receive the same error message on contact you internet service provider ti check if there are any issues on the server.

If webmail works fine remove and re-add the account in Outlook and verify the status.

Ruchi Bisht
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