Outlook Express will receive email, but won't send outsgoing emails. Pls help.

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There are 3 of us in this office - 2 in CA and I'm in OR. We all have the same mail server, but for some reason, since Friday, the 2 computers in CA can receive emails, but they are unable to send outgoing emails. My computer is sending and receiving fine, so I don't think it's a mail server problem.

When they compose/reply to emails and send, they automatically go into the Outbox and accumulates there. There are no error messages or error numbers. They just get relocated into Outbox.

I've had them check to SMTP and it is correct. Otherwise, I don't know the probelm. Pls help since we are trying to run a business.

Diane Poremsky

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Are you using Outlook or Outlook Express?

Do you use AVG?

Are the messages in the outbox shown in bold and italic? If not, something is marking the messages read - a recent update to AVG causes this, as do many older programs. Seehttp://www.slipstick.com/problems/outbox.htm for more information.



i tried to send it as forwarded mail and copy&paste to a brand new mail, but still not sending any.(went straght to oulbox again)

some of them are bold&italic and some of them are not. none of them are sending.

we have outlook, not express and i don't have AVG.

please someone help!!
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