Can you actually sync Outlook contacts & calendar with iPhone?

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It's easy to find posts with people having problems syncing Outlook contacts &calendar with iPhone 4 - but I just want to know if anyone does use it regularly and know that it works.

I know the method (see links below) just wondering how buggy it is - not working is basically its a dealbreaker for me getting an iPhone.

I would prefer not to use workarounds or apps if I can help (Google sync etc: I don't believe in addinga 3rd party into the mix if iit's supposed toi work out of the box as per the below!)

It would be good to hear of any Microsoft Office users who have a similar set-up to me and are successfully syncing iPhone4 directly with Outlook through iTune:

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Enterprise Edition 64bit Windows 7 Looking at iPhone4


Ruchi Bisht

Outlook always plays a passive role when syncing which a handheld device since it doesn"t include any feature to control sync settings. All sync settings need to be adjusted using the software which acts as an interface to connect the handheld device with Outlook.

If the sync software in use is compatible with Outlook 2007, it should sync as expected with the handheld device. However if using any add-in in Outlook which allows to add additional information to the Outlook items then it may lead to incompatibility during sync which may result data corrupt.

Prefer to always back-up the information in both Outlook and the handheld device prior to sync.

Ruchi Bisht
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