meeting request not correct (time)

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James Bine

Hi all,

I have one of my user having problem the meeting request that he received not with correct time. Only one meeting having this problem and i have no idea how it happen.

Below is the problem :

If i try to move manually (assume that he accidentally move), then it will prompt for the confirmation.

User using Outlook 2007.

FYI, this only happen for this one. Not other meeting calendar effect and other recipient is OK. Any idea that can help me to troubleshoot? Thanks.


Serena Li

Hi James,

Based on your description, I understand that one of the meeting requests of the specific user has displayed the wrong time, and there are no problem on other meeting requests, other recipients who have been invited are ok, am I right?

I recommend you check the windows time on the client computer with your domain controller and Exchange server to see if they are same.

Generally, three factors affect the scheduling of a meeting in Outlook:

· The computer"s clock setting (time).

· The computer"s local time zone setting.

· The computer"s daylight-saving time adjustment setting.

All three factors must be correct on both the meeting requestor"s computer and on each attendee"s computer. Otherwise, Outlook cannot schedule the meeting time correctly. For detailed, you can refer the article below,

How Outlook handles time zones for meeting requests:

More information:

How to address time zone changes by using the Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook:

Using the Exchange Calendar Update Tool to address daylight saving time changes for Exchange Server:

Step by Step Run of the Exchange Calendar Update Configuration Tool (MSExTMZCFG.EXE)

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or the issue has not been solved.

Best regards,

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