Outlook 2003, email signature is justified aligned.

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Nesta Ho

When I compose a new mail, I press the " New" button on the main page. The new mail window shown up. The email signature is align on the left. This is normal, right?

However, whenever I reply a email, the signature is justified aligned. I have to press the " align to the left logo" of the " Email toolbar" to make it to align to the left again. This is SO STUPID. I try to fix the problem by moving the cursor to the signature, right click the signature, choosing the " email signature" option. The email signature is left aligned in the email signature tab of the email option windows.

So what should I do?

Ezil Vinoth

Signature showing on left side of the email page in normal.

How many signatures do you have in Outlook?

Remove the signature and recreate the signature and check.

If the above step does not help, create a new profile for Outlook and create the signature in new profile and check.
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