to bifurcate the emails from Email removed for privacy to their 3 different respective email addresses.

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we receive multiple emails from which is addressed to our 3 sub-group of companies and these companies access a common public folder among them which contains the received emails.These emails which gets collected in the public folder of Microsoft outlook are meant for one of the sub-group companies but the problem is that either of sub-group company takes action without any communication in between them.
all 3 sub-group companies have different email addresses so is it possible to addresses/map an email to that sub-company only with their email addresses.

Niranjan I K

What type of account is configured in your Outlook (Exchange, POP3, IMAP etc.)?

What kind of network environment are you in (Workgroup or domain)?

As you said that you use a common public folder, anyone who has access to this public folder will have the same information loaded.
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