convert Outlook Express to Outlook 2010

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Just got Outlook 2010. Use Outlook Express and have many sub folders/groups for my inbox and address book.

How to best convert from OE to Outlook 2010 and will these sub folders come in/pre populate as I have them?

Every time I open Outlook 2010, the wizard opens, recognizes I have OE and I'm terrified to do the conversion because not sure will convert way I have set up in OE!

Please advise and thanks ahead.

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Outlook 2010 is installed on the same machine with OE? If so, export from Outlook Express (choose Exchange server for the export format). Everything should export, keeping the same folder structure. The content is not deleted from OE, so your data is not at risk.

We recommand exporting from OE, not importing using commands in Outlook.
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