Multi Profiles in Outlook 2003

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Hello All, New to this forum. question I have a Windows 7 Pro with Outlook 2003 with multi Profiles on it. the problem I am having is: you select the profile but it is opening it right away. so you can see all the old email but it is off line until you put in the password. is there a way to stop that? where you have to select the profile and then add password before it opens?



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What type of email account? If you use a pst file, you can password it so you need to enter the password at the time Outlook opens. Right click on the top level of the folders where Outlook Today is an choose Properties, click Advanced button then Change password.
Not sure on what you mean with "What type of email account" so here goes. We have exchange 2007 with Outlook 2003 and 2007. We use .ost files for Outlook. they seat on the local computer.

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That's what i was looking for. No, you can't prevent outlook from opening when you use cached mode. The ost can't be passworded. Keep the computer screen locked when you walk away from the computer. (Win Key+ L will lock it)

If you use a PST, it can be password protected.
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